Are you wondering “Why should I put some much time and focus on my past customers?” I hope you’re not but if you are let’s talk about it.

We all know to get someone to buy something from us they have to like, know and trust us. Which is not the easiest task to accomplish in this world of too much information and too many choices. So once you accomplish this and someone actually spends their hard earned money with you and even gives you their email address it is now your duty, no it is your responsibility to make sure they were completely happy with the entire experience. From the product/service, the process of getting from point A to Z, communication between them and anyone that works for you and so on. You have to keep tabs on how things are working so you know how to move forward. Your customers help build your reputation as well as bring you new customers. So make sure you are nurturing those relationships.

Many entrepreneurs feel like surveying their customers is a waste of time or just too time-consuming when it comes to developing the questions, sending them out, reviewing the information and then implementing changes. It can definitely be a process from start to finish, which is why I take pride in getting it right for my clients but you can do it yourself as well and I’m going to tell you exactly where to start. I’m going to show you that it’s not as time-consuming as you might think as long as you know the right questions to ask.

#1. “How likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend or family?”
This is a very popular question to ask because it gives you a more personal look at how your customers feel about your brand. Just think about when you suggest a restaurant or an event to a friend or family member. It’s because you liked it and figured they would like it too. You wouldn’t recommend a place you have had a bad experience at to someone close to you, right? Well, that goes for your customers too. So if they are willing to recommend you that says a lot about your business. 

#2. “What’s one thing we’re missing you’d like to see added?”
Once someone has used your product or service they are more in tuned to what else they would like to see you offer in the area you just helped them in and what would make them choose you again. What else would they like to buy from you is essentially what you are asking them so allow them to tell you. For example, if you sell bras they may suggest bra washing bags or strap converters. 

 #3. “How do you rate your last experience with us?”
This is a good question to lead into the next one. Instead of using numbers use statements such as very satisfied, very helpful, very pleasant, very impactful depending on what you do and/or what you sell should reflect the verbiage you use.

#4. What could we have done to make your last experience better?
Now with this question allow them the space to tell you what could have made the experience even better. So even if they stated very impactful what else could I be doing to make it more impactful. If they say least impactful then they should be able to tell why they feel that way and how to make it better for them.

#5. “Which other options did you consider before choosing our product/services?”
This question helps you better identify your competition and who you customers find as a good comparison to your brand. Use this question to dig a little deeper into your competition and how you stand apart.

Ok, so those are the 5 questions I would recommend you ask all your past customers to gauge how you are doing with delivering the best product/service and experience.

Survey development and implementation are one of the services we offer under The Luxe Experience. We work with you on developing, administering, and evaluating your surveys, planning and implementing changes. So when you are ready to schedule a consultation please visit this link to get started.